Discover The Power Above Science

Discover The Power Above Science
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Because of the economic, political and social situation in your environment as an individual, it is very easy to conclude that everything starts and ends in the natural and that the power of nature cannot be defied.
Time, events and experiences have shown again and again that placing all your hopes and trust only on what you see has some elements of foolishness. For instance, since 1960, an individual Nigerian has depended on governments, political parties and politicians, spanning from regime to regime, to give him or her a better life. These persons and institutions have repeatedly broken their promises despite some efforts, and they have failed such individual. Yet, the person still believes that the politicians, who happen to be same set of recycled human beings, will change his or her life conditions for the better.
Globally, governments have failed humanity. Even at climes where people assume reflect paradise, there are failures on every side. Academics have failed. As an individual, science has failed you with inability to give you fulfillment. Why? It is because there is a power above science. THERE ARE LAWS OF THE SUPERBNATURAL THAT GOVERN THE NATURAL LAWS OF THIS WOLRD. It is Satan and the challenges you see in the natural realm, that reign in the natural realm. There is a divine power that rules in the supernatural realm and determines victory over the physical challenges of life. This truth can never be changed by your contrary personal condition or opinion.
This is why Proverbs 3:5 says: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING” It is clear that your own understanding of anything in this world is limited.
Friend! There is a power above science. This was why Chief Medial Directors across the world died of Covid19 disease. This is why an experienced medical doctor tells a patient based on medical test results, that the patient will not live beyond two weeks. This is based on scientific knowledge, experience and what the books say. 10 years after, the patient is still alive and well.
There is a power above science. This is why a woman had a ceased menstrual flow for close to ten years and yet, within six of the ten years, she got pregnant and delivered three children without menstruation. The woman is a regular follower of Daybreak Morning News, a prayer programme, anchored by Bishop Matthew Egwowa of Church of God Mission International in Lagos.
There is a power above science. This why Professors of Economics assemble in a room and come up with projections that the economy will significantly improve at so and so period of time. That period comes, and there is a total economic meltdown. The understanding of a Professor is still limited despite his or her knowledge. The human brain is too small to handle spiritual dynamics.
There is something beyond what you see, and the incidents in the physical realm are determined by the dictates of the spiritual realm. The spouse that has shown you love and, or submission over the years, has suddenly become something else in the negative. In most cases, it is not ordinary. It is not about him or her. Physical combat may not help you. Funny enough, someone has come to suggest prayers over the situation and you are not interested. My dear! It may not be the physical spouse that is your problem. There is a power beyond what you see.
We are living in times when people despise, think and talk down on prayers because they feel it is too much or incapable of helping them. Some fell they have arrived and don’t need it. If you are one of such people, I wish you success in your short-term carnal struggles but I will advise you to repent.
There is a power above science and that power is not physical. That power is the hope of both the weak, the miserable, the helpless and even, those considered to be strong. The power above science gives speed and ease amidst difficulties. That power singles you out strangely, from storms of life and gives you victory over storms.
No magician or diviner has ever divided a sea only to restore it after the crossing of the red sea, as in the case of Exodus 13. It was the power above science that calmed the storm in Matthew 8. The power above science made a fig tree to dry up, based on a spoken word in Mark 11. The power above science through a spoken word, rescued expert Fisherman Peter from his aged struggle in business in Luke 5. It is the word of God that is key to enjoying supernatural life and living above natural constraints in life.
So, please! Stop feeding yourself with excuses for self destruction. Stop trying to avoid your own shadow by despising JESUS CHRIST, the power above science.
Stop trying to avoid God’s presence (Genesis 1:1-4, John 1 and Psalm 100:3). Jesus said in John 15:5: “…for without me, you can do nothing.”
If only you can accept Jesus Christ as your person LORD and SAVIOUR, you will cease from the multitude of people that are flesh, merely trying to contact a spirit. You will by faith, become a spirit living temporarily in the flesh. You will cease from being ordinary. You will become extra-ordinary. You will be delivered from the bondage of natural laws and partake in the supernatural realm that determines the natural, and conquers situations.
There is life beyond what you are seeing and experiencing. There is joy in that life that is not determined by how much is in your bank account or pocket, or what the news media says or what government says. It is called unspeakable joy, the joy of salvation and then, the joy of the Holy Ghost (Isaiah 12:3, Romans 14:17).
It is time to live beyond going to church or mosque or some other worship house. It is time to live beyond parading religious titles and activities without divine connection. Religion without godliness is a useless venture and you cannot find joy outside Jesus Christ. Today, yield yourself to Jesus Christ in fullness. Then, I can say to you: “You are of God, little children and have overcome them because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world” (1st John 4:4).
Are you ready to surrender your heart to Jesus Christ? Say and mean this prayer from your heart: “Lord Jesus! I thank you for dying for my sins. Forgive me. I surrender my heart to you this moment. Take control of my life henceforth in Jesus name! Amen.
Congratulations! You are now born again.

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Albinus Chiedu

Albinus Chiedu

Albinus Chiedu is a journalist, aviation media consultant, events management professional, life development coach, researcher, marriage columnist and author, Bible teacher and preacher. He has practiced journalism since 2000.

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