Who Should I Marry?

Who Should I Marry?
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Today, young marriages are collapsing at a very high rate, partly because of the irresponsible approach that people of this computer generation are adopting in making choices of spouse. Once the foundation of a marriage is wrong, the durability can never be guaranteed except it is surrendered to the supreme authority of Christ Jesus.
According to Cambridge Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, the word “responsibility” means “good judgment and your ability to act and make decisions on your own.” It is also “blame for something that has happened.” It is equally “something that it is your job or duty to deal with.”
It is irresponsible for you to allow a fellow human being to DECIDE for you, who you should or should not marry. Many young people today are besieging matchmakers for wives or husbands. The principle of personal responsibility does not agree with the fact that an individual can decide for two full grown adults, whether or not they can live together happily as husband and wife.
Today, there are many cases of two business partners, deciding to use their children to sustain their business relationship and economic interests. They then, compel their children (one’s son and the other’s daughter) to get married. The children during their outings, keep telling each other things like: “You know I don’t love you. I am with you just because of my dad.” What an exercise of self deception, grand foolishness and endangered destiny! If you are one of such parents being referred to in this piece, please, don’t mortgage the future happiness of your child for your selfish economic interest.
It is an act of irresponsibility for you to depend on your father, mother, uncle, aunty, brother, sister of some friends or matchmaker to decide for you, who to marry or who you should not marry. The best they can do is to recommend or suggest. They can equally give you Bible-based guidance and counsel. Counsel can be based on experience. You make your decision based on your judgment, and your judgment must be based on right considerations.
If you are one who believes in fetish consultation of mediums to decide whether or not to marry someone, you are also in error. One of the problems is that you will still need those fetish consultants to keep checking and consulting fetish spirits for you on issues, until they eventually take over your brain and life and start exploiting you financially and otherwise. Then, destiny is destroyed.
If you are unmarried and you discover that your potential spouse comes from a family where they believe in consulting fetish mediums, please be wise. Advise yourself.
God hates consulting any other god outside him for decision making. Saul consulted the witch of Endor in 1st Samuel 28 to know what would happen tomorrow or what to do. God was angry and took away his kingdom from him. He even suffered a worse punishment later. If there is any medium to be consulted, it is you that has to personally consult God himself. He is a jealous God.
Stop looking for human beings to tell you what will happen tomorrow. As a matter of fact, don’t worry about tomorrow. Don’t allow fetish medium consulting push you into a condition where tomorrow, you will have to be apologizing to your aggrieved children and relatives for wrong decisions you made.
The truth is that there is nobody you will marry in this world and discover total perfection in the person. However, when you meet a challenge in marriage that resulted from wrong foundation of being pushed into the journey by a fellow human being, the situation is usually very tormenting. If the decision to marry the person had been yours, you can easily accept whatever comes out of it as your personal responsibility, boldly face it and trust God to help overcome your challenges, using Biblical directives.
Do not marry anybody based on the decision or directive of another human being. Responsibility means taking decisions and standing by them. If you cannot accept responsibility for the life decisions you take, you are irresponsible. Stop blaming your spouse or someone else for the wrong decisions you make.
If you are looking for a spouse to marry, stop looking for escape from responsibility. God created you to be responsible. How do you look for escape from responsibility? When you decide that you will not marry a lady just because she is not from a family that is financially buoyant, you are running away from what makes you a responsible man. If you are looking for a wife that has the financial capacity to take over the responsibility of feeding you and providing for a family you were supposed to lead as a man, you are running away from responsibility.
If as a lady, you refuse to marry a guy because of his lower academic qualification, lower financial management skills (despite his wealth), lower dress sense and expression skills, you are running away from responsibility.
If material possession or physical appearance are your only considerations for the marital choice you are about to make, you are walking in the wrong direction.
As a guy, you are about to marry a lady because you saw her in a dress pattern that revealed her laps, other sensitive parts of her body. You are about to take a wrong decision. Choose your spouse responsibly.
For those who are already married, whatever challenge you currently face with the spouse you have chosen, is something you have the capacity to handle. This is why God allowed your union (1st Corinthians 10:13). If you do not change the way you look at things, things may never change the way they look. Life is full of challenges but their sizes vary with the capacity of people that face them. So, you can make your marriage work if you accept the voice of God, who originated marriage.
Choose your spouse responsibly. Your marriage shall be a blessing and a testimony in
Jesus name.

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Albinus Chiedu

Albinus Chiedu

Albinus Chiedu is a journalist, aviation media consultant, events management professional, life development coach, researcher, marriage columnist and author, Bible teacher and preacher. He has practiced journalism since 2000.

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