Unbundling Nigeria

Unbundling Nigeria
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This work, “Unbundling Nigeria” written by two remarkable Nigerian patriots, “Achilleus Chud Uchegbu and Iheanacho E. Nwosu is an invaluable contribution towards the much-desired national integration, stability and general wellbeing of the Nigerian Union.

The book primarily centers around the general reportage of the 2014 National Conference and the whole gamut of idea synthesis, variegated views and opinions, arguments, propositions and general resolutions that evolved from the entire national dialogue.

It is a comprehensive moment by moment account of the entire process.

The 2014 National Confab, for me, speaking as a participant in the national dialogue, is considered a critical and strategic initiative by the administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, aimed at achieving the much-needed consensus building and engendering requisite set policies, programmes, governance systems, structure and constitutional framework to help us realize the goal of nationhood and the building of a good Nigerian society.

The conference, beyond argument, was to serve as a necessary pathway and tool towards unbundling, or if you like, remodeling the country.

The delegates to the Conference came from different walks of life and cross-cutting representations. There was a broad spectrum of Nigerians from the multi-diversity of ethnic nationalities as well as from components of all national levels. It can be said that never in the history of our country Nigeria, has this great and all-encompassing assemblage of quality and representative persons been put together under one roof, with the sole purpose of finding solutions to our myriad problems of nation building.

Coupled with the intriguing fireworks that characterized deliberations around some contentious issues and subject matters of interest that were vigorously interrogated and debated, the imperative of fixing Nigeria in a manner that will make the country to be easily run as an equitable democratic nation, forms the core of that national dialogue exercise.

This remarkable intervention, made by two gentlemen who are considered to be among the best of the finest crops of Nigerian media practitioners, helps in the distillation of the entire fine details of the conference. Coming up with this compendium deserves commendation from all.

The take-away for me, from this very strategic work, is the re-awakening in our collective consciousness that flows from the spirit and mission of the book, which points our attention to the need of the reworking of the union; fixing the obvious cracks in the walls of the structural architecture of the nation; the need for us to chisel the rough edges of the country, the need to grow a massive positive home of transformative consciousness that will lead to a remodeled Nigeria that has the capacity to fulfill its manifest destiny for greatness as the bastion of hope for the emancipation of the black race.

In the final analysis, one can safely assert that this book is an invaluable working manual to help citizens in understanding the multi-dimensional strands of topical issues that shape the trajectory of our national life, particularly the critical area of gaps and fault lines that define us as a people. Mindful that nation-building is a continuum and work in progress, we owe it to ourselves, and in our best interest for the nation to work well for all of us.

It is essential for all of us to come to terms with the need for a constructive and result-oriented unbundling, restructuring and remodeling of Nigeria, so as to unleash its latent potential for greatness. We need to get the country working well to guarantee a secure, free and strong Nigerian society for the common good.

The report of the 2014 National Conference, beyond whatever negative sentiments that have been variously pushed against it, is a veritable compendium and work tool for sustainable national transformation and for securing our posterity.

It is against this backdrop, that I recommend this book to the political class, our traditional and religious leaders, as well as all Nigerians to help in deepening their understanding of the essentials of nation-building.

Given the value-adding content of this work, there is no doubt that it will occupy a place of pride in the nation’s history and in our collective quest for a greater Nigeria.


Chief Bayo Ojo SAN, CON

Former Attorney General of the Federation

and Minister of Justice.


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Albinus Chiedu

Albinus Chiedu

Albinus Chiedu is a journalist, aviation media consultant, events management professional, life development coach, researcher, marriage columnist and author, Bible teacher and preacher. He has practiced journalism since 2000.

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