Free Bus Service: Edo Residents Commend Governor Obaseki As Scheme Commences

Free Bus Service: Edo Residents Commend Governor Obaseki As Scheme Commences
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Edo residents who are elated by the free bus service by the Edo State Government have commended the Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, for always putting the people at the forefront of his government’s decisions and policies.

They noted that the policy will in no small measure cushion the impact of the fuel subsidy removal by the Federal Government on thousands of households in the State.

Obaseki had recently approved free transport service for passengers on all routes operated by the state-owned Edo City Transport Ltd (ECTS), which commences.

The service which spans an initial two-month period covers commuting within the Benin metropolis and from Benin City to the major cities in the three senatorial districts and will run between 6.30 am and 7 pm daily.

The transport scheme is expected to cover intra-city and intercity routes including Auchi – Igalla – Ibillo–Ososo; Uzebba–Ikhin – Otuo, and Abudu-Ubiaja, Abudu-Urhonigbe and Ewohirin to Ewatto.

The intra-city routes are Ramat–Kingsquare; New Benin–Kingsquare; Kingsquare – Ekenwan Road; Kingsquare–Airport Road; Kingsquare–Sapele Road and Kingsquare – Adesuwa, Kingsquare–Ogida; New Benin – Upper Mission; Kingsquare–Ugbowo; Kingsquare–Agbor Road; Kingsquare–Upper Sokponba; New Benin – Ugbowo and New Benin–Aduwawa.

Speaking on the development, the residents commended the governor’s compassion and foresight, noting that the policy will reduce the transport burden on the people, thereby reducing the suffering and hardship inflicted on the people as a result of the Federal Government’s fuel subsidy removal policy.

Mrs. Mary, Edokpolor a mother of three, applauded the governor for his empathetic response to the challenges faced by Edo State residents, describing the policy as a lifeline to her family.

According to her, “I can’t thank Governor Godwin Obaseki enough for this free transportation initiative. It’s a lifeline for my family and many others who are faced with hardship because of the fuel subsidy removal. His compassion and love for Edo people is evident in this act, and we’re truly grateful. With the money saved on transportation, we can now allocate more resources to our daily economic activities, especially feeding thereby ensuring better welfare for our children.”

On her part, Joy Eromosele, a Benin-based banker said, “Governor Obaseki’s decision to provide free transport services is nothing short of visionary. It shows his deep commitment to the wellbeing and welfare of Edo people. He has always put the people at the forefront of his government’s decisions and policies and we’re fortunate to have a leader who understands our needs and takes action.

She added, “This free bus service will significantly ease the financial burden of commuting to work for myself and other workers in the State, allowing us to save more and redirect the resources to other aspects of our daily lives that require attention.”

Osagie Ewaenigho, a student of the University of Benin said that Governor Obaseki’s approach to the current transportation challenge faced by the people is thoughtful and practical.

He noted, “This initiative will tremendously help students like me as well as other residents. With reduced transportation costs, I can now afford to buy more study materials and invest more in my education.”

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Albinus Chiedu

Albinus Chiedu

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